A Man’s Guide to Helping His Wife Through Pregnancy

Pregnant women experience morning sickness, hormonal changes and an ever-expanding abdomen to accommodate their developing child. Expectant fathers empathize with their wives, but often feel there is nothing they can do. Wrong! There are several ways a man can help the expectant mother through her pregnancy.

PregnancyPregnancy can make a woman tired, so pitch in and help out around the house. Do the laundry and vacuum without her asking you to.  Your pregnant spouse will appreciate it, even if she doesn’t always show it. Keep in mind that her body is going through some major hormonal changes so she may be prone to mood swings during this time. Be patient and understanding if she is feeling a bit grumpy.

Accompany your wife to her doctor appointments if possible. This is an exciting time and you need to be present to understand your baby’s development and help your wife take care of her health. Besides, you definitely want to be present when your wife first gets to view the life that is growing inside her.

Surprise her with a night out. After all, once the baby comes there probably won’t be much time to go out, so take her to dinner and a movie. If she doesn’t feel like going out, prepare a nice dinner at home or order delivery. Rent a movie and cuddle up with her for a cozy evening. Give your expectant spouse a relaxing massage. Pregnant women often get backaches, so rub her back or give her a soothing foot massage.

Go shopping with your spouse and help her pick out furnishings and decorative accents for the nursery. Put the baby furniture together and get the room ready for your newborn’s arrival. Once you’ve pulled it all together, surprise your spouse with the finished room.

As the pregnancy progresses and your wife gains weight, she may begin to feel unattractive. Let her know that she is still beautiful and sexy. Tell her you love her often. Send her flowers to say you love her. Stop at the store on your way home from work and pick up her favorite snacks that she may be craving.

Take childbirth classes with her and prepare to be in the delivery room, holding her hand through the birth process. Gather your wife’s personal items and those needed for the baby and pack her bag so that it is ready for the hospital when the time arrives.

The most important thing you can do for your pregnant wife is just to be there. Listen to her, soothe her and be patient. Make sure she knows how much you love her and your unborn child. Call and check on her often when you can’t be home. If you are at work, have a friend or relative drop by occasionally. Support your pregnant spouse by being there for her every step of the way. She may not always tell you how much you mean to her, but you can rest assured that she appreciates the little things you do.







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