Dealing with Stress in Day to Day Life

Dealing with Stress in Day to Day Life

Dealing with Stress in Day to Day LifeWith today’s economy, job market, financial pressures, you are likely to be under some degree of stress. The best ways to manage it are to change its source and/or to change your reaction to it.

Be aware of what is stressing you.

Know the events and circumstance that you find stressful, and know how you react. Does your head ache, for example, or do you feel nauseous? If you can spot signs of stress you do something about it.

Work on what you can change.

You probably can’t eliminate stress from your life, but you can change your day to day life to decrees stress. Can you leave the premises when things stress you? Or could you learn a new skill that will alleviate some of your stress such as time management, better communication or negotiation skills?

Get the stress into perspective.

It’s tempting to over exaggerate stress, let it eat at you making it bigger then when it started, but try to control your reactions. A mistake is not a disaster. See it as something you can cope with and see the positive even if it is difficult too. Do not be paralyzed by “what ifs”. Negative thoughts won’t help the situation.

Build your physical reserve.

A healthy body will go a long way to combating stress. Eat well; maintain a healthy body weight right for your bodies’ height; avoid excess caffeine, nicotine and alcohol; and take regular aerobic exercise. Walking, cycling, swimming are great choices of exercise. Establish good sleeping habits and schedule vacation time.

Build emotional reserve.

Set your own attainable goals, rather than have them set for you. Develop a supportive network of family and friends that treat you well.






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